Niels de Jong

Computer Scientist based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

My Projects


I have worked extensively with graph data, both from a data mining and a data engineering perspective. I have built a prototype tool that extracts structural information from Neo4j graphs. During my internship at Neo4j, I work on using graph structure to accelerate database performance. My Master's thesis also focuses on data engineering techniques for big (graph) data.

Web Development

I have built several websites using a variety of web frameworks both in Python and PHP. My most recent project is the website for Cosmos, the International Student Association of Eindhoven Unversity of Technology. This website can be found here.

Procedural City Generation

I have worked on a number of projects involving the procedural generation of cities and landscapes. Given that three dimensional terrain features can be generated on the fly, these can be used by games and VR applications. Source code for a city generation plugin implemented in the Unity game engine can be found here.